Cannabis 101

Cannabis 101 by Twisted Extracts and Northern Releaf

Thanks to the folks at Twisted Extracts, they’ve prepared a fantastic educational piece on Cannabis use and the new user.  We recommend that everyone new to consuming and/or using cannabis reads.

Below are some screenshots from the document (click the image to enlarge it), and we feel that this is a great resource for those who are new to consuming and using cannabis.

It’s chock full of great information on how cannabis works in the body, tips, tricks, and more (like how to consume safely and responsibly, and what the heck the difference is between Sativa and Indica.) So if you have any questions about responsibly using Cannabis, click here to download the .pdf that you can read now or save for later.

Twisted Extracts is also dedicated to providing great information through their blog.  Want to read their posts? We think you should. Click here

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